Kosher Frozen Diet TV Dinners? YES!

I just received a survey from the Orthodox Union (OU)’s kashrut department asking me what foods I’d like to see become .

Here is the list of foods they asked me to rank:

Wrigley’s Gum
Ferrero Rocher
Power Bar
Kellogg’s Cereals
Lindt Chocolate
Tootsie Roll
Charm Pops
Carnation Good Start Formula
Gerber Baby Food
Boca Burgers
Wishbone Salad Spritzers
Torani Syrup
Smart Ones
Jenny Craig
Other pre-packaged diet meals

My guess is that they wouldn’t name specific foods if something wasn’t already in the works or if the possibility of making these foods kosher was difficult.

Looking at the list, the future of the Jewish people seems pretty good.


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