Judaism- Hip and Traditional?

When blogging for a Jewish website, its tough to balance Jewish content in your entries.  On the one hand, I can’t just write about anything.  You didn’t come to Mixed Multitudes to hear me rant about why the Sacramento Kings are the greatest basketball team of all time (By the way, they are).  You came to read some good ol’ Jewey stuff.

On the other hand, we here at Mixed Multitudes don’t want to bore you.  One of the rabbis at my shul over Rosh Hashanah kept referring to “the Jew” in his sermons.  “What does the Jew get out of Rosh Hashanah?”  “What is the Jew’s connection to God?”  “How do you bore the Jew?”

I would argue that the balance between the two is an art form.  So when a cool Jewish blog, Jewlicious, gets a hot shout out in the Jerusalem Post for finding that balance, we’ve got to give them props.

The article focuses on David Abitbol, the founder of Jewlicious, and described as “a Jew who is ‘edgy’ but who has deeper knowledge and love for his…heritage and Jewish nationalism.”

Now if only the Jerusalem Post/anybody would recognize my brilliance…


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