Jewish Word Clouds

A couple of weeks ago, at a family bat mitzvah, my table was challenged to name all 10 commandments, a la that Congressman on the Colbert Report.

We did it (I had to memorize them in 4th grade) but it got me thinking about the text of the commandments, and their overarching themes. For some reason, I had to the urge to throw the text into Worlde, a website that lets you create wordclouds with any text you want. It shows what are the most common words (they show up bigger) and plots the words in a fascinating-looking map of words. Here’s what I got when I put in the ten commandments (from Exodus). Click on the pictures for big clear graphics.

Wordle: 10 commandments

Cool, right? Here’s the text of the full Shema:

Wordle: Shema

Does anyone know if the full text of any machzor is online? Because that would be awesome! Also, I really wish this was available in Hebrew.


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