Jewish Food Tourney Final: #3 Challah vs #4 Latkes

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I never thought this day would arrive. We are about to crown the ultimate Jewish food.

After starting with 16 strong competitors, we are down to two. #1 seed Matzah Ball soup fizzled in the 2nd round. Riots broke out in the streets over the issue of Gefilte Fish. But now, only Challah and Latkes have survived.

#3 Challah has fought a hard fight. What it has going for it is consistency. While some challah is better than others, week in, week out, it shows up to the game. What is a week without eating challah? Well, Passover, but that’s besides the point.

One element of Challah that I haven’t even discussed yet is the quality of french toast that challah produces. Plain white bread just doesn’t do the trick.

#4 Latkes is just as formidable an opponent. After all, it took down both Cholent and Brisket. That is quite the accomplishment.

In my personal opinion, a freshly fried latke is better than challah. But does that bring it over the top? After all, it is partially hyped up because of its connection to Hanukkah. If we ate latkes all year around, would it be in the finals? I’m just not sure. But that isn’t up for me to decide.

Who will be crowned the ultimate Jewish food? It is up to you.

Posted on February 9, 2009

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