Jewish Food Tourney: #1 Matzah Ball Soup vs #16 Haroset

March Madness just can’t come early enough. Experiencing a mix of hunger and need for competition, my friend Jordan and I have come up with an idea to fulfill both.

I bring to you the 2008-2009 Kosher Food Invitational (MJLKFI-to keep things simple).

The premise is pretty basic. We have compiled a list of 16 different Jewish foods. You will vote to pick the ultimate Jewish food. The winning food will secretly be placed in the book of Leviticus as the most permissible food that does not lead to you being killing by stoning.

Today, we will have one 1st-round matchup. First, we have the #16th seed, Haroset. At first (how many times can I use first/one/1 in one paragraph…oh there we go again) glance, this food is pretty talented. I don’t really know anyone who DOESN’T like haroset. A mix of apples, cinnamon, nuts and wine. Yum.

But there are just too many holes in Haroset’s game that allow it to be a Tier-1 food. First, it’s basically just a side dish. Some would even argue it is only a condiment. Second, we eat it only two nights a year, and its not even part of the main course. And finally, too many Jews are allergic to nuts to make it a mainstream food.

At the #1st seed, we have the powerhouse. Matzah Ball Soup. You may remember Matzah Ball Soup from this past Friday night. The blend of salty and sweet broth. The 2-3 matzah balls floating ever so lightly. Books have been written on it. Grandmothers take their aspirin with it. It truly is a Goliath.

Voting concludes Wednesday morning.


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