Jewish Branding

One of my favorite shows on television right now is Tosh.0, which can be seen Tuesdays on Comedy Central (along with the 100 other times they show it during the week). If you’re unfamiliar with the premise, the show, hosted by comedian Daniel Tosh, is like America’s Funniest Home Videos on steroids. They find funny and/or horrifying videos on YouTube and then make funny comments about them. Simple concept. Big laughs.

Last night, Tosh.0 showed one of the most hardcore things I’ve ever seen. They showed a dude getting branded, on his own will…and not even flinching! It was like he was getting a massage, except the massage was permanently scarring his arm.

Why do I tell you this? Because he was getting branded with a Star of David! Now, we can get into the whole halakhic debate about tattooing and harming your body. Don’t worry, I’m hearing your cries. But seriously, watch this thing. It’s kind of the craziest video ever.

Also, I think the very premise of the video speaks for itself–this isn’t for kids. Unless your kids love branding.


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