Interview with DeScribe: “Makin’ It” with Y-Love

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A few years ago, I was asked (by another publication) to track down this Hasidic rapper who seemed to come out of nowhere, and whose video was describe and y-lovegetting airplay all over the InterWebz. This was back in the time before there were enough Hasidic rappers to pack a synagogue — and nobody was sure where he came from. There was a pro-Israel political message, American street dialogue, and an accent that nobody could place.

Nobody except an Australian-in-law like me, of course. DeScribe, a.k.a. Shneur Hasofer, was born in Melbourne, raised in Israel, and currently splits his time between the motherland and Brooklyn (which, yes, is a kind of other motherland). Earlier this year, on Inauguration Day, he (along with black Orthodox rapper Y-Love) released a single and video, both called “Change.” Now, they’ve got a new song, “Make It,” and a new video, which premiered here last week.

Recently, we got to talk to DeScribe about his career, his country changes, and how you can make a hit single promoting a political candidate that you don’t agree with.

What exactly is the deal with “Change”? Everything about the song and the video, from Y-Love’s thrusting Obama newspapers at the camera to the album artwork, all directly reference the Obama campaign. Are you endorsing him, or climbing on the bandwagon, or plugging into this greater abstract social message that the world sucks, and we need to do something about it?

The first song we did together was titled “Change.” My producer, Prodezra, named the beat way before Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, and asked me to write about the idea of the world changing and become ready to receive the ultimate change of the final redemption.

We see this in the amazing breakthroughs of international media capabilities, resources to cure hunger in a few years from now. By the change by describe and y-lovetime I met up with Diwon, I already had the body of the song sketched out. Then, while we were waiting for Y-Love to fill in the gaps, the Obama campaign was in full swing. We realized that it was a project planned by G-d himself and decided to parallel our campaign with Obama’s, making the title of the album “Change.”

Posted on June 5, 2009

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