Hebrew Lip Dub–In English

Lip dubbing music videos is an easy enough concept (have your friends lip synch a song…done). But pulling it off well? That’s a different story. It takes a lot of coordination.

The two best lip dub videos that I know of were made by the fine folks at Connected Ventures and a bunch of students at UQAM in Montreal. For the most part, beyond those two (prove me wrong), all other lip dubs on the internet are pretty boring and amateurish.

But we may now be able to add a third video to the list. Straight from Hebrew University in Jerusalem, we have a very cool video lip dubbing Somebody to Love.

I’ll give them two demerit points. The first is that they used the Glee version of the song instead of the Queen version. Why mess with a perfect song? Also, they could have done a little better of a job at making the people in the video look more randomly involved. No one just stands in the middle of a staircase looking into the distance until a video camera comes up to you. Read a book or something in the mean time.


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