Finding Harmony in DeScribe’s New EP

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Erez Safar always has an eye for interesting and unique musical talents. In the past I’ve talked about Erez’s awesome Lecha Dodi vs. Akon remix and the rhyming of Kosha Dillz. This time though, I gotta give a shout out to Erez’s newest prodigy, DeScribe.

If you were just to look at DeScribe, you might think he is just a novelty. A Hasid rapper? I’ve seen Matisyahu already, thank you.

But that would be a mistake on your part. Because DeScribe is a talented guy. While his songs are very much Jewishly-themed, and he most definitely does have a message he is trying to convey to you, he doesn’t throw it in your face.

DeScribe’s ability to take his own Jewish values and make them universal so that a broader audience can enjoy him should be commended. And that’s exactly what Harmony, his new EP, does. And his rapping isn’t half bad either.

If you click here, you can buy the CD for just $6 (and that includes goodies, whatever that means).

Here is DeScribe’s newest video…

Posted on March 17, 2010

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