Fear Not!

I’ll admit that I’m a little sad that Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are holding their rally on the Washington Mall on Saturday instead of Sunday. I wouldn’t have gone too it (it’s just SOOOO mainstream) but I would have enjoyed watching it on television.

The Rally to Restore Sanity may have been conceived as a joke in response to Glenn Beck’s absurd rally a couple of months back but it’s spiraled into something much bigger. People in America (and the world) seem to be getting fed up with partisan politics and the general feeling that news outlets (I’m speaking to you Fox News) are playing on people’s greatest fears just for the purposes of votes or, even worse, ratings.

Again, I bring up that I’m sad that this rally is on Shabbat. Because there are some real parallels between Judaism and this rally. There is a new group, Al Tirah, spawned from Jewish Funds for Justice, that encourages people, al tirah, to fear not. Hopefully, sanity can be restored.

Please watch this video and pass it on.

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