Eating Pork Rinds

More often than you would think, I get asked this question: If you were to eat something un-kosher, what would it be? Luckily, for me at least, this is a very easy question. Shrimp. I would eat as much shrimp asĀ  I could.

Now how can I be so sure of the great taste of something if I’ve never tried it before? Well, based on how I compare the taste of real beef with vegetarian beef, I can figure out how good shrimp would taste by how much I love fake shrimp. And oh lord, do I LOVE fake shrimp. If I love fake shrimp that much, I can only image how amazing real shrimp would taste.

Now some people might have a problem with this. I know people who don’t even like to eat fake shrimp or fake bacon, etc. because it is too similar to the real thing. To them, it isn’t just the prohibition against eating pig, it’s the idea that Jews are supposed to eat differently from others.

And thanks to this video a loyal reader of ours sent, we find out that this isn’t just a Jewish issue. The Muslims deal with this problem too. In this satirical video, owners of a convenience store debate whether or not it is morally fine for them to sell pork rinds in their store.

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