Couldn’t Have Done 18?

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I’m not usually one to post older material but when my friend sent this to me, I couldn’t help but give it a shout out. On the website, blogger Sam Greenspan makes “Top 11” lists concerning some obscure and random categories. Why 11? To quote him, because “10-item lists are for cowards.”

Last August (once again, sorry, but better late than never) Greenspoon made a list of the “11 Best Jewish Movie Characters Played By Non-Jewish Actors.” #11 is a bit of a stretch, but whatever. He does a good job of describing each role on his site but if you want a quick breakdown, here it is:

1) Brendan Fraser- School Ties (David Greene)

2) Eric Bana- Munich (Avner)

3) Robert De Niro- Casino (Sam “Ace” Rothstein)

4) John Goodman- The Big Lebowski (Walter Sobchak)

5) Angelina Jolie- Mr. and Mrs. Smith (Jane Smith)

6) Gene Hackman- The Royal Tenenbaums (Royal Tenenbaum)

7) Ian McKellan- X-Men (Magneto)

8) Robin Williams- The Birdcage (Armand Goldman)

9) Lorraine Bracco- Goodfellas (Karen Hill)

10)  Felicity Huffman- Transamerica (Bree)

11) Jim Caviezel- Passion of the Christ (Jesus)

Now, here is a clip of School Ties in Spanish. Why? The real question is, why not? The best part is that the guy who dubbed Fraser sounds 40 years old, while playing a high school student.

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