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It’s April Fools Day! Which would be a fun day on the internet except for the fact that the internet is normally filled with ridiculous news stories and videos. Now I don’t believe anything is real anymore. It’s been a weird day.

At my bar mitzvah party, I vomited. Not my finest hour. Here is a list of things a kid SHOULD do at his or her bar/bat mitzvah.

Do you know the history of Passover? It goes beyond Charlton Heston freeing the Hebrews.

There might not be anything better in the world than homemade potato kugel. Thank God it’s Shabbat.

The Reform movement theoretically allowed for women rabbis in North America in 1922. However, it didn’t happen in practice for another 50 years.

Finally, the history of the nudist bar mitzvah.

Have a good weekend!

Posted on April 1, 2011

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