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Shabbat is just a couple of hours away. Time to start making your cholent! Before you go, here are some things you should print off and read during the rabbi’s sermon tomorrow.

What goes better with chicken on Friday night than some hearty roasted potatoes? Here is a great new recipe for you to use.

You’re going to need something sweet to follow up your potatoes. How about some amazing lemon lavender cake?

While we’re at it, let’s stay on the food theme. With Tu Bishvat coming up next week, try making your own Tu Bishvat seder. Here are a couple of ideas that can make it pretty fun.

I haven’t planted a tree in a while though someone else planted a couple for me in Israel for my bar mitzvah (thanks anonymous Birthright participant). But Tu Bishvat is a great chance to start up again with some good old fashion tree planting.

Finally, learn more about this history of black-Jewish relations in America.

Have a good weekend. See ya next week.

Posted on January 14, 2011

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