Best of the Week

We are almost at my favorite holiday of the year. That’s right! July 4th is less than two months away. I can barely contain myself. AND my favorite Jewish holiday of the year is in less than a week. Woohoo! Go Shavuot! Dairy! Only two days! Beginning of summer! You’re amazing, boo.

Before we get to all things Shavuot, read our really cool new article about using a Mikveh. I’ve never actually been inside a mikveh, but I did go a dish mikveh once. One of the weirder, more fascinating destinations in the Jewish world. There is nothing like ritually bathing a bread plate. Made me feel holier than on Yom Kippur.

On to Shavuot. Did I mention it’s my favorite holiday? Because it is. Read all about why we eat dairy, and why so many Jews are lactose intolerant. There must be a correlation.

On the first night of Shavuot, you are supposed to stay up all night studying. Now here is my question. The Lost producers claimed that they knew from the very beginning what the show would be about and where it was going to end. So are you telling me that they purposely planned the second to last episode ever when they KNEW I would be in synagogue? If so, I’m angry. Very, very angry.

Hope you all have a good Shabbat and a good weekend!

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