Best of the Week

It has definitely been a strange, strange week. Mid-week Passover seders really can throw you off. Besides staying up to ungodly hours in the night, when the chag is finally over, all you want to do is go outside, be active, and get ready for the beginning of the week. The problem is that the week has already begun. I think Morrissey describes weeks like this the best: Everyday is like Sunday (except, really it’s not).
Passover may be half over, but it’s not too late for you to try out some new foods. Learn some awesome recipes for quinoa. Most people say it’s kosher for Passover. I had it last night and it’s way better than matzah brei.

There are some things in the world that I’m fascinated by. One of these things is the Druze religion. I know nothing about it. And they don’t really seem very interested in telling me anything about themselves. They are quite mysterious. Read more about them here.

I think I’ve written on this blog before about when I was probably seven or eight, my friends and I would sit in the back of synagogue and read from the Song of Songs because it mentioned breasts. Who knew it was a book in the Bible? Here’s our article about it.


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