Best of the Week

Try as I might to find the best new material of the week on, I’m coming to the conclusion that nothing can ever beat Joaquin Phoenix being Jewish. Not only is he insane, but him being Jewish means that his brother River was also Jewish. Things like this blow my mind. Just blow my freakin mind.

On to the week that was…

Try to think of a biblical character that Simeon Solomon didn’t paint. I dare you. Ezekiel? Sorry. Moses? Come on. Ruth and Boaz? Get out of here. He did it all.

Wanna make your bubbie happy? Going on a date with an older woman? Nothing impresses them like a good old traditional dessert. Try out our new plum cake recipe.

Finally, here is our new article on the independent minyan phenomenon. Yes, “independent minyan” is an oxymoron. I just realized this now. Too bad it’s already published. Oh well.

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