Best of the Week

Quick reminder. Purim is pretty soon. I’m gonna go as O.J. Simpson. It’s weird that there is no space in between “too soon” and “you’re a couple years too late, buddy.”

What happened this week on MJL…

Do you remember our great “How Jews…” video series? Well, we have the next installment of the series, “How Jews Mourn.” Check it out.

I guess it’s been kind of a sad week in terms of the articles we’ve been featuring (but next week’s Purim. So don’t worry). While it might be sad, our new article on the life of Januz Korczak is well worth reading.

I lied! We do have one fun article. And lo and behold, it’s related to Purim. I’m tired of receiving boring Mishloach Manot baskets (kidding, please send me some). If you want to stick out this Purim, read our article on creatively themed Mishloach Manot gifts. I’ll take the one with the beer in it.


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