Best of the Rest

It’s been a short week. With Memorial Day on Monday and tomorrow being Shavuot, we only have a three day work week here. So what’s new on MyJewishLearning?

Everything that was on the homepage. That’s what’s new. You didn’t miss a thing. That is, unless you didn’t go on our homepage (For shame…)

So in case you missed it: We have a new recipe for strawberry rhubarb blintzes. So you know, it just took me 4 attempts to correctly spell ruhbarb…rhubarb.

There was some heated debate about the merits of gefilte fish, especially with our new article about the history of the Shabbat table staple.

Finally, Ken Gordon wrote an article about the shock he faced when he found out that he has a Yiddish name rather than a Hebrew name. Next week, he will be co-authoring a piece with me about the difficulties of having two first names.

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