Best of the Rest

If you didn’t realize last week, we have a new feature on the blog that will highlight the best articles that are published on MJL that didn’t make it as a homepage feature.

First, we have a great new article about the Mishnah & Tosefta. Many think that the Tosefta is simply an addition to the Mishnah. But as Alieza Salzberg explains, there is more controversy behind the two than one would think. Those rabbis, always with their controversies…

There is also a great new article about Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon. It is the best article on the site. How do I know this? Because I wrote it and I’m amazing. In fact, the only reason it wasn’t featured on the homepage was to not make the other articles jealous.

To go along with our Jon Stewart feature, we have a page of videos highlighting Stewart’s best Jewish jokes. Please, no one tell Comedy Central.

Finally, there is an article about the embarrassment Henry Ford faced for “exposing” a Jewish conspiracy. For some reason, the article doesn’t explain the conspiracy of Jews covering up their conspiracy.


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