At least there are double the presents on Dec. 25th

Do you remember that fake SNL commercial a couple years back (during the Will Ferrell era) for the anti-depressant, Homocil, meant for parents coping with having gay children?

Well, last night, I couldn’t help but think that there should be a similar pill for children with intermarried parents.  The idea came after watching Jon Stewart, of the Daily Show, interview former Prime Minister of England, Tony Blair.

Tony was discussing how he has recently converted to Catholicism because his wife and children are Catholic. Stewart responded with the hilarious line, “I’m Jewish and my wife is Catholic.  We’re actually raising our children to be sad.” Here is the video:

As Mrs. Lovejoy would say, “Won’t someone please think of the children!”

While watching, I couldn’t help but think that this was an amazing opportunity to plug  If you check out the homepage this week, our feature is “Intermarriage & Continuity.”  There are three featured articles about the 1990 NJPS survey on intermarriage; a snapshot of the American Jewish community; and different attitudes towards intermarriage.  But check them out soon, because a new homepage is coming up on Monday.

Also, late last week, I started a discussion on  Yossi Abramowitz’s article about the merits of encouraging women who can’t find a Jewish husband to intermarry.  You should join in.


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