A Peace Anthem

Just to follow up a bit on my time at the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal, I heard some amazing Jewish comics while I was there. However, you won’t be hearing a word about them on this blog today.

Because today, I’m here to discuss Mr. Tim Minchin. Somehow, with a Wikipedia entry this long, I had never heard of this man. Then again, when you are a musician/comedian from Australia who spends all of his time in England, the chances of me knowing you are a bit smaller.

I spent all of this week watching YouTube videos of Minchin, and song after song, the man was blowing my mind. Just to get a taste, you can experience his brilliance in “If I Didn’t Have You,” “If You Really Love Me,” and of course, “Inflatable You.” And if you’re not in the mood for a comedy song, his rendition of “Hallelujah” is also quite beautiful.

But that’s not what we’re hear for, are we? This is a Jewish blog after all. Luckily for us, Mr. Minchin has a song for us too. Appearing on the BBC’s Comedy Shuffle a couple of years ago, Minchin tried to solve the Middle East conflict by writing a peace anthem. His humor can be quite subtle, so watch it a couple of times, and you will like it more and more.

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