10 Days to a Better You: Days 7-10

With Yom Kippur bearing down on us, and the promise that only “repentance, prayer, and charity can alter the severity of the decree” you might be feeling like it’s a good time to start doing a little better. But being a better person can be a daunting task. Here at MyJewishLearning we put together 10 easy things you can do right away that will help you do better and feel better as you get ready for the Day of Atonement, and we’ve been unveiling a new suggestion every day. Today we present tips for Today, Saturday, Sunday and Yom Kippur itself. Shabbat Shalom and good luck!

Missed tips 1-6? Find them here.Donate_blood.jpg

Donate blood
. Sign up to be a bone marrow donor, and tell your family if you’re okay with being an organ donor.

8. Donate airline miles that are about to expire to military families trying to visit injured soldiers overseas.

9. Bring your business card to Kol Nidre, and give it to three new faces you see in the crowd. Tell them you want to welcome them to the community, and ask if they want to join you for a meal sometime.

10. Think of the stupidest or most embarrassing thing you’ve done in the past year. Then apologize to someone to make it better — even if it’s yourself.

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