Jewish Art


Jewish Art 101

An introduction to Jewish visual arts from Bezalel to the 21st century.

Jewish Art

Hiddur Mitzvah: The Case for Beautiful Ritual Objects

Aesthetically pleasing Judaica enhances holiday celebration.


Marc Chagall

Images of earth and air co-mingle in this Jewish painter's enduring work

Israeli Art

Part of what makes the art scene in Israel so unique is that the country blends so many varying influences from all over the Jewish world.

Jewish Art Quiz

The earliest pieces of Jewish art were religious objects–Torah adornments, marriage certificates, tombstones–that were illuminated. Relatively recently, “art for art's ...

Camille Pissarro

Rebbe of the Impressionists.

Anna Ticho

This artist became famous for her drawings of the Jerusalem hills.

Siona Benjamin

An artist who paints from the East.

Arthur Szyk: His Brush Was His Sword

"Roosevelt's soldier with a pen."

Jules Olitski

Spraying It, Not Saying It.

Chaim Soutine

A Belarusian yeshiva boy becomes an icon of Parisian art.

Contemporary Art in Israel

Confronting local politics--on an international stage.

Jewish Modern Art

From Abstract Expressionism to Feminism.

Architecture in Israel

Integrating the European and the Middle Eastern.

Tobi Kahn

Seeing & ceremony.