Of Course This is a Fetish

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Continuing my trend of writing about think that I never thought about before and are somewhat shocking:  BUST  magazine has a great and strange interview with a professional dominatrix. I guess I’m a tad naïve about this stuff, but I wasn’t picturing the life of a dominatrix as being quite as, well–bat-shit insane, to be quite honest.

Anyway, the interview isn’t very long, and the second to last question is “Any other crazy stories?” I actually don’t feel comfortable posting the whole response here because it’s unbelievably graphic, but the part that’s interesting/relevant to Mixed Multitudes readers is this:

I also have a guy- who I actually just saw this afternoon- who is a Hasidic Jew whose fetish is being spat on and force-fed non kosher food. I get a lot of Hasids; I’d say 60% are into being peed on, and half of those don’t shower before they go home. I have a lot of stories about people who are sexually repressed by religion; those are the most outlandish fetishists.

Being force-fed non-kosher food is a fetish for a handful of observant Jews. This should not surprise me in the least, I guess, but something about it is still kind of shocking/funny/sad to me. I have nothing profound to say about it, other than that I think it’s interesting (and yes, I recognize that’s hardly profound).

Posted on November 12, 2010

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  1. JR

    Sexual fascination with pee and poop are a common stage for small children. It is at about the age that they realize those parts are pleasurable to touch and also observing that poop and pee come out of there too. This fascination in adults is usually attributed to stunted sexual development at about that stage in childhood. I think it is likely they touched themselves as a little kid at some point and mom or dad told them not to and made them feel like it was a sin, or at least a really big deal. Hence they may have some normal everyday attitudes about sex they learned too, but that part is stuck in their unconscious. Not that this makes it any less odd.

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