UFOs over Jerusalem

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The MyJewishLearning is weirdly awash in strange videos. (Visit again later today; you’ll see what I mean.) Last week, our Randomly Awesome Things newsletter Jewniverse showed you guys some visions of Jerusalem in the future (including one very bizarre alien invasion).

Well, life imitates art — a few days ago, some (alleged) extraterrestrials paid a visit to Jerusalem’s holy sites.

Last Friday night, a strange object appeared over the Western Wall. It came close to the ground, hovering right above the Dome of the Rock, and then retreating back to wherever it came from.

Here’s a second video from a different vantage point:

According to one commenter on the io9 message board where I first saw this posted, NASA and the Israeli Air Force both reported that it was swamp gas.

What do you think?

Posted on February 1, 2011

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5 thoughts on “UFOs over Jerusalem

  1. Bob McGuire

    Alien invasions took place in the Torah and are recorded in Genesis6:4. They were called the Nephilim. Goliath and his brothers were Nephilim (the fallen)

  2. Paul Shapshak, PhD

    You should organize your presentation better.
    Right now it is disorganized and seems childish.
    You should give simple factual statements of what it is you wish to say.
    Less jumble.
    If it is true, you need to have a better presentation, or else you are doing yourself and everyone else a disservice.

  3. Simon Wajcer

    In 1975 in a small village outside Merida, Mexico I and 100’s of others gathered to see ‘Los Luzes'; the appearance of similar globes of light. A friend and I had read about them in a newspaper on the island of Cozumel. the article stated that the lights were appearing twice a night for several nights in a row. We decided to see for ourselves. We drove to Merida and asked how to get to the place where the ‘Los Luzes’ were visible. Everyone knew about it and we were resdily directed to the village. The dirt roads into the village were teeming with parked vehicles and people who had come to see this unexplicable phenomena. It was a party atmosphere. We drove further out to a more isolated and darker spot and parked. Unlike the light in the J’lem video the one we saw in Mexico came in from very distant point in space and veered at an impossible angle to fly right across the horizon in front of us at a very slow speed; a large, hazy orange ball,stopped, continued and then disappeared. We were in awe. It was definitely a Unidentified Flying Object.

  4. roger kees

    wow . . . uh yeah . . . ball of light ? in the context of whatever i’m compelled to view this with a grain of salt . . . dot dot skip space dot . . .

  5. Melissa Young

    This looks like an example of Chuck Missler’s teaching on the Nephilim. Google the Koinonia Institute and Chuck Missler you should get a teaching on the 5th dimension of earth that we aren’t aware of where the angels and demons operate. It is from the Messianic perspective but intriguing nonetheless!

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