Jerusalem in the Future

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Jerusalem’s Association of Planning and Conservation posed the question to the world: What will Jerusalem look like in 100 years? A bunch of filmmakers, both amateur and professional, entered the Assocation’s “Jerusalem 2111″ competition.

Here’s the winning entry, “Secular Quarter #3,” by David Gidali and Itay Gross. It’s bizarre and disturbing and sort of beautiful.

We’ve decided to publish some of our favorite entries as well. Here’s one about a flying Jerusalem — it’s a cross between a travel guide and the second half of “The Empire Strikes Back”:

This one takes place in the Arab Shuk, which might be the most photogenic place ever. Just seeing it makes me want to eat fresh fruit and get my hair cut.

The weirdest of the flock, hands down. This one, I have no words for. Except to tell you to keep watching till the end. There’s no specific reason that it should take place in 2111, except…oh, just watch it.

Thanks to io9 for the tipoff!

Posted on January 17, 2011

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9 thoughts on “Jerusalem in the Future

  1. Elle Hyson

    for some reason the boxes remain empty and this has happened with everything that has been sent to me.

  2. Matthue

    @Elle: All the boxes are YouTube videos. Maybe your browser doesn’t allow videos to be shown (or perhaps your workplace is blocking them)?

  3. Old Rockin' Dave

    I hope “Jerusalem 2111: Last Stand” gets made into a feature film (“District 9″ and “THX 1138″ had their roots in short films). It’s got to be a winner.

  4. Mordechai

    Nice! I loved Jewzilla in the 4th one! A feature film would be a bit sophomoric, but I’d watch it :)

  5. Mary Ruth

    I really liked the third one, and the fourth one, wow! That was amazing! Good use of a bomb, but, oh, no, there’s more coming…

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