Purim for Puppets

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Our friends at Kveller.com have launched their new Purim video. It’s an awesome little piece that shows you the four mitzvot of Purim, and it does it by using two puppets. There’s Dingo, a civilized chap who always does everything exactly according to the books, and Joey, a mischievous kangaroo who always tries to do the right thing…but he doesn’t always do it in the easiest way.

All puppetry was done by our friends Ora Fruchter and Christopher Scheer at Yellow Sneaker Productions, who also have a bunch of other cool stuff that I’ll be blogging about or Jewniversing when I get around to it, which hopefully will be pretty soon. And it was directed by Liz Nord, who made our awesome Sukkot video and who does some pretty amazing stuff on her own, too.

We’re pretty happy with it. And it’s Adar, which is definitely the time for being happy, so that all worked out. Whew!

Posted on March 7, 2011

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One thought on “Purim for Puppets

  1. ZaraMart

    I visited my mother in her old-age home and here they were; plenty of bnei-akiva boys with their knitted-kippot dancing to the sounds of joyful purim songs. This is the meaning of Purim:to bring joy to people , specially to people in need .The story of Purim, holds out the hope that no matter how bad the circumstances, things will turn out well in the end.

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