Matisyahu’s New Hanukkah Song–“Miracle”

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Just released yesterday, Matisyahu has a brand new song for the holiday season. I just listened to it for the first time minutes ago, and I’m digging it.

Listen to it now before it goes huge so you can pretend that you knew about it before it was popular–making you automatically cool.

Also, Happy Thanksgiving! Or if you’re Canadian, have fun at work on Thursday and Friday!

Posted on November 24, 2010

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3 thoughts on “Matisyahu’s New Hanukkah Song–“Miracle”

  1. Nava

    You are a true gift from HaShem, Matisyahu, both to our people (the Jews), and to the world. I pray you continue to allow Him to use you in this way, and that you maintain the integrity of the message that He has placed in your spirit.

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