Who is a Jew?

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Well, Ron Jeremy certainly, and on Beliefnet you can find a new interview in which the porn star discusses his Jewish background and his thoughts about Judaism and sexuality.

We’re all Jewish. [My family] comes from Russia and Poland, as most American Jews do. Out of all of us, only my grandmother was religious. My brother and I got bar mitzvahed, but we weren’t that religious. And as my joke goes, in my documentary I said, “After getting bar mitzvahed, I hardly ever went to temple–unless I wanted some free coffee and Danish.” I discovered that food tastes so much better when nobody’s paying for it.

Meanwhile, the New York Times is reporting that Thomas Jefferson might have been the first Jewish president.

Posted on February 28, 2007

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2 thoughts on “Who is a Jew?

  1. The Doctor

    Jefferson, with perhaps a Sephardic ancestor, yes!

    George “my mom’s Jewish but we loves our porkchops” Allen, no way Jose!

  2. jethro1

    Actually, I think that the Times report merely stated that Jefferson is presumed to have a rare genetic marker found in some Sephardic Jews; so he might have had some Jewish blood but he most certainly was not a Jew.

    Although I would rather count Jefferson in the Tribe more than Ron Jeremy…..

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