Up With Trees! Down with Jewish Rap!

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There’s a Tu Bishvat video from the Jewish National Fund that seems to be circulating quickly around the Jewish web. Now, I’m pretty sure most of us agree that the aim of the video, which is to raise money to plant trees in Israel, is a noble one. However, I have to take issue with the fact that it is a rap video.

While this might have been cute in 1987, it’s more than just a little played in 2007.Any chance we can reconvene the Sanhedrin to pass halakha banning Jewish organizations from trying their hands at rap? Or at least that if they do, they have to hire 2 Live Jews to do it for them (“We’re 2 Live Jews and we’re kosher as we wanna be!”)?

Have a great Shabbos, MJLers!  

Posted on February 2, 2007

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2 thoughts on “Up With Trees! Down with Jewish Rap!

  1. Israel

    Yeah, this video is pretty much torture. But at its core, its spreading a somewhat good message especially if you remove the god element from it. Just take care of the planet.


  2. Bat Melech

    I would agree that I haven’t seen any “Jewish rap” that isn’t really silly…these guys posing and gesturing like something they’re not…I suppose it’s designed to appeal to inner city youngsters who worship the style and chutzpah of black rappers? My son in high school formed a rap group w/ some classmates called the “Funny Little White Boys” which was sort of a parody of a parody of rap that made some kind of sense – they were aware of how ridiculous they seemed and played off that. But it’s hard to tell whether these guys are conscious of being parodies of themselves or whether they’re sincerely trying to appeal to somebody.

    I kinda like it when they sing in ’Ivrit, tho.

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