The MJL Million

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The Forward is looking for help with its next Forward 50, and the new Heeb 100 has just been announced. Which got me thinking, MyJewishLearning needs a Top Jew list, too!

So I’m pleased to announce “The MJL Million” — our homegrown list of the million best Jews in America.

True, it sucks for us that there isn’t a smaller number that starts with “m,” but it’s good for you guys. There’s like a 1 in 7 chance you’ll be chosen.

Self-nominations for the The MJL Million are now being accepted at Tell us why you belong on the list and chances are, we’ll put you on.

Posted on October 6, 2008

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5 thoughts on “The MJL Million

  1. Jeremy Moses

    I nominate every member of my synagogue! 2000 thousand down, 998,000 to go. I’ll get back to you with small bios of everyone.

  2. GKarlitz1

    The Best Jew in America in my book (or at least one of the top 10) is Rabbi Abraham Twerski. More than anyone else, he has been responsible for bringing the problem of Jewish addiction to the forefront and has shown how 12-step programs really are in harmony with Jewish thought.

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