Sorry Jews for Jesus, You’ll Have to Pay.

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Since Birthright gave me free food over Shabbat, the least I can do is report about them when they are in the news.

It seems as though standards to get on Birthright are a little tougher these days. It used to just be that you had to be Jewish and had never been on an organized trip to Israel before. Qualify? Have a good time on your all expenses paid 10-day trip to Israel.

But wait! You believe that Jesus is the messiah? Well now, you are out of luck.

On the questionaire applicants are asked to fill out, you are asked to check off next to this statement:

I do not subscribe to any beliefs or follow any practices which may be in any way associated with Messianic Judaism, Jews for Jesus or Hebrew Christians.

It doesn’t matter whether or not you are halakhically Jewish. Both your parents could be Jewish, be a descendant of Holocaust survivors, etc. If you believe that Jesus died for your sins, go to Cancun instead.jforj.600.jpg

This can’t just be about faith. I don’t see any rules against Bu-Jews and HinJews not being allowed to go on Birthright. Obviously, Birthright has got some beef with the missionaries. After all, no one goes on Birthright to convert to Christianity.

Posted on November 26, 2008

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3 thoughts on “Sorry Jews for Jesus, You’ll Have to Pay.

  1. Religion and State in Israel

    Birthright’s website states the following:

    “Eligible individuals are those recognized as Jewish by the Jewish community or by one of the recognized denominations of Judaism; or if either parent is Jewish AND the applicant does not actively practice another religion.”

    I do not know if Birthright defines Buddhism or Hinduism as religions, but it seems to me that if someone “actively practices” Buddhism or Hinduism, then they would not be eligible for Birthright.

    Joel Katz

  2. Sue21

    I’m just speculating here. Could it have something to do with the fact that Buddhists and Hindus, as a group, have never attacked Jews the way that people who believe in Jesus have (again, as group – not all are like this, obviously)

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