H is for Hydrox

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Rejoice 20 and 30 something young Jews! We can now relive our childhood!

Hydrox cookies are back on the market to celebrate their 100th year.

Prior to 1998, Oreos were not kosher, and Jewish children snacked on this other black and white sandwich cookie. However Kellogg’s pulled them off the shelves in 2003 during to poor competition against the now-Kosher Oreo.

Now with “Droxies” are back, all I need is a Crystal Pepsi.

Posted on May 28, 2008

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  2. clara1

    I live in a part of Tennessee where there is no kosher foods (except by accident). The Mexicans have their own section in the groceries but not the Jews. In fact a lot of people here don’t know what a Jew is. My Temple is 50 miles away and they have food trucked in from Atlanta, GA. Since I don’t have the money for gas to go to my temple, I don’t have the money for kosher foods. I go to a Christian food bank for my food.

    I may not even have the money for gas to go to my doctors or for my knee therapy.

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