Can someone tell me if this exists?

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I was out for dinner last night with two of my friends. As an appetizer, we ordered a round of (delicious) chicken wings. Thinking that it was Sunday night, and I was missing football, I started wondering why there isn’t a kosher bar anywhere.

And don’t give me this Clubhouse Cafe crap. Not everyone can afford $10 drinks.

I’m talking about something else. A regular bar with 3-10 beers on tap, a bunch of tvs with sports on, and of course, kosher meat. It is so crazy to ask for chicken wings while watching my Niners lose? chicken_wings.jpg
Someone brought up that a bar’s biggest night is probably Friday. But I’m not asking for some frum establishment here. I’m not talking about a kosher bar here. I’m talking about a bar that happens to be kosher. Most of the clientele wouldn’t even know it was kosher. If 2nd Ave. Deli can be open on Shabbos, so can this place.

No pictures of the Moshiach. Bartenders wearing tank tops. Pastrami Burgers. That’s all.

Seriously, does this exist? And if it doesn’t, can someone please get on this?

Posted on December 8, 2008

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5 thoughts on “Can someone tell me if this exists?

  1. Daniel Septimus

    Mendy’s used to have a sports bar. If I remember correctly it was on W70th Street between Amsterdam and West End.

    It closed probably ten years ago, but survived for a little while I believe.

  2. Jeremy Moses Post author

    Yeah, I remember that as a kid, my grandfather was gonna take me for the MLB all star game one year. then i threw up…long story.

    But that isn’t what I’m describing. Wasn’t that basically a restaurant with a bar attached to it?

  3. Ezekah

    []But here’s my favorite thing about the manna: It might be pretty common knowledge that you’re not supposed to take more manna than you can eat in one day – except on shabbat – but have we really thought that through? If you do take extras on any regular day of the week, and there are leftovers, it gets rancid and maggoty overnight. But on Shabbat, there won’t be any manna, so you are supposed to take manna for two days on Friday morning and it won’t go bad overnight. So, that makes sense, moving on. But stop – think about it.And then read more below the fold!The Israelites flee Egypt. The first thing they do once they’re past the Red Sea is complain about bitter water in the place they’re camping. Next, there’s the manna. Then, there’s no water at all and Moses has to make water flow from a rock. And then there’s a battle with Amalek, and then Moses is reunited with his wife, and then Moses judges the people AND THEN they go to Sinai…where they get the Ten Commandments, one of which is, of course, Shabbat.So, before the Israelites even officially “get” shabbat, they get shabbat – through manna, through food.

    G-d demonstrated the Shabbat during the Creation. The Sabbath has always existed. We didn’t need the bible to tell us about Shabbat.

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