Banning Circumcision

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This looks like it might get ugly.

An anti-circumcision group in San Francisco has collected and submitted 12,000 signatures (about 5,000 more than the required minimum) in order to get an initiative on a November ballot to ban circumcisions in the city. If it passes, the maximum penalty will be up to a year in jail and a $1000 fine. Then again, if you want to circumcise someone over 18, be my guest.

Obviously, all the right Jewish groups have come out against this and I’m sure they are going to campaign hard to not let this bill pass. My bigger question is, and I have literally no expertise in the field of law, but will this bill hold up in court?

I mean, let’s say it passes. You can be sure that people, Jews and Muslims alike, will challenge it in court as an affront on the freedom to practice religion. But then again, if someone can challenge that circumcision is cruel, they might have a valid argument in court.

Can anyone smarter than me provide a little insight into this?

Posted on April 29, 2011

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7 thoughts on “Banning Circumcision

  1. art

    It is clearly aimed against Jews. There is no basis for the claim of cruelty. Afterwards everything functions. Indeed circumcision is being used to combat hiv/aids and other STDs. Historically Jewish women had low rated of cervical cancer, it has recently been shown that it is caused by a virus that is happy under the foreskin.

  2. Larry Primak

    The same way that I believe in the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, I believe in the covenant between G-d and man. Our Jewish faith commands, yes demands that all of our sons be circumcised following the laws set forth by HASHEM in his Torah,conceived by the Almighty, 2000 years prior to the creation of the Universe. The good people of San Francisco may believe their petition to enact a law banning circumcision is for the protection of new born Jewish males are grossly misguided. The petition is a slap in the face of all men and women who believe in Freedom of Religion, and their G-d given right to observe the rites and practices of their faith. Just one question I wish to pose to the petition signers; ” The G-d of the Jewish people is the G-d of all mankind, Jew and gentile alike. Do you really want to usurp the law of G-d?

  3. alan sutel

    Of coursr this obviously a move against Jews. Aside from circumsion being biblical, it has also been proven that it is healthier for men to be circumsised. I have known non Jewish men who for health reasons had to have this done when they much older. Do you want to talk about cruel, there is no anistisia given,and was told that the pain afterwards is close to unbearable. I find it hard to understand that anyone would want to outlaw a religious practice in country that is supposed to have so much tolerance. I have read that many Holocaust survivors who had sons, did not have them circumsised because it was feared give-a-way that one was Jewish. Today I find it a mark of pride.

  4. Hypatia

    Aside from other considerations, this –if passed — will never hold up in court. A preliminary injuction will be issued and the matter will then went its way through the court, costing all taxpayers, not only the fanatics behind this bill– IF they even work and pay taxes.

  5. NHGoodman

    –This initiative has a real chance of being passed, and being upheld in court. Remember that this is perhaps the only country in the world which is a secular Christian country that forbids combining religion and state functions.
    –It works this way: the government will leave the religious alone to practice so long as we do not come into legal conflict resulting in hurt to one or more other persons. The example is the recent passage of a statute in Oregon which requires all parents to provide health care for their children.
    –I believe that two or three separate incidents of child death have occured because a sect of religious Christians practices faith-healing, anointing and praying for the ill. In each case, the parents were convicted and lost their appeals on the grounds of freedom of religioon. The similarities between these cases and the San Francisco anti-circumcision initiative are too obvious to be taken lightly.
    –To me it is clear which way the judciary should find — in favor of continued circumcision. There is a real chance of modern day anti-Semitism being encted into law in the name of protection of children.

  6. DJKA

    This is not an attack on Jews per se — it’s ignorant people getting worked up over something they don’t really (and don’t care to) understand. It’s just like the anti-vaccine wackos. Hopefully the Academy of Pediatrics will declare circumcision to be a recommended health procedure and these nitwits will go away.

  7. belva hylton

    It doesn’t make any sense at all to ban circumcision. Common sense will tell you that all males benefit from it no matter whether Jew or Gentile.

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