Weird Kosher Fish

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We all make mistakes. Nobody’s perfect. I, for one, am wearing non-matching socks right now. Oops!

The same goes for websites. This morning, we received an e-mail at the MJL help desk informing us of a mistake on our Kosher Fish List article. Being that we don’t want people to eat a fish that they think is kosher when it isn’t, we took this complaint (not really a complaint. More like a nice little nudge) seriously.

We spent a lot of the day looking over the list and have come up with some pretty amazing facts:

– Doctor fish and surgeon fish are very much kosher. In fact, they are the same fish. Interestingly enough, lawyer fish is not kosher (you can’t make this stuff up).

– Jew fish is kosher. Not that that was a guarantee. There are plenty of delis that aren’t kosher and those are as Jewish as they come.

– Mullets are kosher. They have a business-y outside but are all party in the back.

– Dolphin fish is also kosher. However, you should not get this confused with dolphin, which a) is illegal to eat in the United States and b) is not kosher.

– Even more surprising than that is Pig fish, Hog Fish, and Pork fish are all kosher as well. I guess if a pig doesn’t chew its cud, but can swim, it’s good to eat.

Posted on April 27, 2010

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8 thoughts on “Weird Kosher Fish

  1. NHGoodman

    Since food is really another way of saying “I love you,” I want to give this delightful article right back to you!
    I find the term “Jew Fish,” however, to have a name of a different feather, so-to-speak. Please don’t scale this comment down, it is quite fluid.
    Nachum benAvraham v’Sheyndle

  2. jessie

    more interesting would have been a piece on where those ridiculous names originated.

  3. C wolf

    I live in Florida; we were traveling to Key West Florida with my four daughters many years ago,to a marker called Jew Fish Creek in the keys. My
    daughter is 37 and has never forgotten it. It left an lasting inpression about JEW FISH Creek. She always ask why they named that Marker in the Keys, Jew Fish Creek????????????? Never found out why……

  4. Asher

    DAUPHIN “the fish” is perhaps the fish you’re refering to. Pronounced it sounds like DOLPHIN “the aquatic mammal” It is also indiginous to the Gulf of Mexico region that is under assault from the oil spill disaster.

  5. Phyllis Haislip

    “I guess if a pig doesn’t chew its cud, but can swim, it’s good to eat.”
    A pig of any kind doesn’t chew its cud because a pig (swine) is not a ruminant.

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