The Jewish People’s Court

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If you are going to go onto a show like the People’s Court, you better have two things going for you–a need to have your fifteen minutes of fame and the truth.

Sadly, for this couple that was recently on the show, they didn’t really have either.

The clip features a couple who was suing their dry cleaner’s owners because they accidentally washed a $3000 sheitl. Though, if you watch the video, it gets a little more tricky than that–namely that they are liars (you’ll have to watch the video for details).

They also don’t seem to care about their fifteen minutes of fame because they asked the show not to use their last names. Maybe they knew before how embarrassing this would end of being for them.

Seriously, don’t mess with the People’s Court.

Posted on December 13, 2010

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One thought on “The Jewish People’s Court

  1. rephoel

    I saw the video and the article on VIN where the sheitl maker was interviewed. It happens that there are two Georgies who are in the business and one made the wig and the other was the one the judge spoke to. H & M ‘s mistake was that they did not get testimony from their sheitl-macher.

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