Tav HaYosher is Hardcore

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Tav HaYosher, the ethical kosher seal, featured currently only in New York, apparently isn’t for sissies. Just ask Mike’s Bistro.

Mike’s Bistro is a high-end kosher restaurant on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. They also opened up a pizza joint this year. Both had received an ethical seal when Tav HaYosher launched a couple months ago.

But this marriage of ethics wasn’t meant to be. In a blog post this week, Tav HaYosher announced that the two restaurants have lost their seal. In their post they write:

“We are committed to maintaining the integrity of our certification process and will continue to award the Tav to restaurants who meet Tav HaYosher certification guidelines.”

I’m going to try to dig a little deeper and maybe find out what happened. As of now, I’m giving the benefit of the doubt to Mike, assuming that this is a financial move. It’s expensive to be organic.

It’s a shame. Mike probably just bought all this double sided tape to put up the seal. What is he going to do with all that double sided tape? Who needs double sided tape?

Posted on June 18, 2009

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8 thoughts on “Tav HaYosher is Hardcore

  1. matthue

    Actually, it’s probably not a financial move. Tav HaYosher is all volunteer-run. As far as I know, it doesn’t cost restaurants anything.

    Dang. I was really looking forward to the only kosher tasting menu in town.

  2. Jeremy Moses Post author

    Oh, that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying that it is cheaper to buy food that wouldn’t pass the ethical seal.

  3. Jeremy Moses Post author

    By the way, I stand corrected. Supposedly, the Tav HaYosher only is for ethical treatment of workers.

    My bad.

  4. Jeremy Moses Post author

    Sloppiness I guess. The truth is I read it a while ago and for some reason I had it in my mind it also had to do with the food as well. I’m not totally sure where that idea came from. Matthue was kind enough to correct me.

  5. Jeremy Moses Post author

    Oh one more thing. “Supposedly” is a bad habit of mine. I say it too much. I should start a “Supposedly Jar” for every time I say it.

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