Rabbis and the Dating Scene

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This week Jordie Gerson, a rabbinical student at HUC in New York, published a witty piece about the difficulties of dating–Rabbinical School is Ruining My Love Life.

It reminded me of my best friend, who actually has the opposite feelings. Rabbinical schools have helped her dating life in tremendous ways.

Then again, she only dates rabbis.

Posted on August 3, 2007

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One thought on “Rabbis and the Dating Scene

  1. David79

    Maybe she should date a rabbinical student?
    I found her article fun but a little confusing. Confusing because it seemed as though she is irritated with the men she is dating and their ambivalence or something, but it seemed from the way she wrote things that she is ambivalent about dating and sexuality while being a rabbinical student becoming a rabbi. Maybe that’s the point, but I couldn’t tell as she never states that clearly. She seems to want to compartmentalize being a rabbi–leave it at the office, keep the R word out of the dating space.
    Do typical rabbis leave it at the office? Is being a rabbi simply a 9 to 5 role that can be shed and left or donned whenever? Is being a rabbi more about identity and vocation, like being a mom or dad, and not something you can shed when you feel like it, though maybe it’s not all of who you are? I also don’t think the writer has answered for herself what it means to be a rabbi and how that impacts the whole dating and sexuality scene. I wonder if she’s not confused about all of that inside somewhere, still working it out, and her dates are also confused and a reflection of her own process or whatever.

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