Independent Minyan Study

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Much has been written about the independent minyan movement (including several articles in the last issue of Zeek). But is it really a movement? Do minyan-goers have a consistent demographic profile? How observant and Jewishly active are minyan participants?

We might have answers to these questions soon, as Synagogue 3000 and Mechon Hadar have teamed up with sociologist Steven M. Cohen to produce a study of these “Spiritual Communities.”

Do you attend an independent minyan? If so, you can fill out the survey here.

Posted on June 7, 2007

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One thought on “Independent Minyan Study

  1. jshawnl

    Thanks for the shout-out! One important point: the survey isn’t only for people who attend independent minyanim. It is “a study of Jews who are somehow connected to a very diverse array of Jewish spiritual communities. These groups’ activities may well take place outside established congregations, but some do meet in, or are part of, ‘regular’ congregations. They go by various names: ‘minyan,’ ‘spiritual community,’ ‘alternative worship service,’ ‘chavurah,’ ‘congregation,’ and others.”

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