Dad! You Said We Were Getting a Pool!

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Add Montana to the states where religious people can now go on vacation. The Chabad House in Bozeman, Montana has opened the state’s first Mikveh.

More than a new vacation spot, I’m just happy that I can now cross Montana off my list of “Impure States.” We’re still waiting on you Alaska! Get with the times!

Here is my favorite part of the news story about the Mikveh: “The newly built ritual bath is serving Jewish residents from Wyoming, Idaho, North and South Dakota, and the Canadian provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan, in addition to the 2,500-strong Jewish population of Montana.”

Congratulations residents of all of those places, minus Bozeman, Montana! You only have to travel 1,000 miles to get to your mikveh! It’s practically in your backyard!

Posted on May 8, 2009

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2 thoughts on “Dad! You Said We Were Getting a Pool!

  1. The Doctor

    Ahem. There is a mikvah in Anchorage, Alaska [apparently no longer on the grounds of Elmendorf AFB but presumably just as private...]

  2. Jeremy Moses Post author

    I knew when I wrote that line that someone would call me out!

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