You Should Have Seen His Bat Mitzvah

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Here’s the wonder that is Athens Boys Choir. The name is deceiving — ABC is actually a hip-hop group of one, and that one happens to be a mild-mannered boy named Katz who was born a girl.

I first heard of ABC when I received his CD — with possibly the most hilariously understated cover you can imagine — to review for B*tch Magazine. His lyrics tend toward the risque, although he’s frequently more playful than offensive (on his latest single, Fagette, he shouts out “girls with the chubby chubbs/and the boys who ain’t got no butts”)….but, the opposite of every hip-hop sensibility you’ve ever encountered, this is probably the tamest rap video ever.

It’s a composite of videos from Katz’s bat mitzvah.

Or, as the intro puts it: “In 2002 I came out as a man. But before I could do that, I had to become…a woman.”

Thence follows some of the trippiest ’80s retro Bar Mitzvah footage that the human brain can wrap itself around. It’s a one-man pitch for the next book in the Bar Mitzvah Disco series.

What I love most about it: how it’s so nice. And how even the requisite Jewish kitsch is sweet: “Now my bubby wanted a doctor to marry me/You got two Ph.D.’s/one in fine and one in sexy!”

Posted on May 14, 2009

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2 thoughts on “You Should Have Seen His Bat Mitzvah

  1. tr

    um, what?

    A trans guy calling his group a “boys’ choir” is DECEIVING?

    And last I saw them there was more than one group member so that part may have started out as more accurate – I dunno what’s happened since.

  2. matthue Post author

    Sorry! I did mean that in relation to the “choir” part — Katz performs solo on his records (not counting his producers, I reckon) — I totally didn’t mean it in the “tranny boys are not real boys” context!

    By the way, Athens Boys Choir’s official page on his record label (Daemon Records, the label that Amy Ray from Indigo Girls runs) also says that “the name Athens Boys Choir can be a bit deceiving” in the first line of his bio — so bully on me for stealing straight (no pun intended) from the press release.

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