You might have to DVR Dancing with the Stars

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A couple of years ago, a teacher of mine asked my class how much television we all watched on an average night.  Going around the room, people were giving the generic 1-3 hour answers.

When the teacher got around to me, my answer was, “A lot.”  This didn’t satisify my teacher.

She asked in return, “What, like 2 hours?”

“Yeah, before dinner,” I responded.

For all the T.V. I watch I have to admit that I was not planning on watching “The Ex-List,” which debuted on October 3rd.  The general theory goes, Shows with the word “List” in the title + CBS = Jeremy Not Watching it (You can pretty much replace the word “List” with any word except for “Survivor” and that rule will still apply).

After reading this week’s Forward, however, I’m now reconsidering.  The reason is that “The Ex-List,” starring Elizabeth Reaser, is modeled after the Israeli comedy “The Mythological Ex.”

The show is about a 30s-something women who search for her soulma..Oh let’s be honest.  I’m not actually going to watch this trash.  I’ll leave that to Meredith.

Posted on October 7, 2008

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2 thoughts on “You might have to DVR Dancing with the Stars

  1. Meredith Kesner Lewis

    Of course, I watched it. I hated the first 40 minutes, but the last 20 minutes were quite hilarious.

    Then again I’m a strong support of CBS: Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, NCIS (which by the way, has a HUGE Israeli story line and has had one for the past three seasons.)

  2. Jeremy Moses Post author

    “CBS: America’s Most Watched Network (so it doesn’t matter that our shows are bad)”

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