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Here at MJL we are very proud of our frequent contributor and generally awesome friend Leah Koenig, whose cookbook, The Hadassah Everyday Cookbook: Daily Meals for the Contemporary Jewish Kitchen is coming out on March 8th. We have a copy here in the office, so I can say with authority that the book is drop-dead gorgeous. Filled with warm photos of scrumptious recipes, part of me just wants to read it, like a picture book for food porn lovers. But then it’s also full of fantastic recipes–recipes that are easy, relaxed, creative, and perfect for anyone who loves classy, interesting, and fun Jewish food. Paging through it, here are the top five recipes I will be making post haste:
Drunken Vegetable Chili
Orzo and Pinto Bean Salad
Ginger Sesame Baked Tempeh
Brownies with Pomegranate Whipped Cream
Raspberry Oatmeal Muffins

And there are so many fantastic options to choose from.

Other wonderful things about this cookbook: It’s hardcover, and lays flat, so consulting with it while you’re cooking doesn’t mean madly fumbling for pages

Did I mention the photography? I am seriously considering eating the book.

The layout and design are beautiful, simple, and easy to follow. Each recipe is also clearly marked as dairy, meat, or pareve for easy menu planning, and a section in the back collects all of each kind of recipe, so you can easily look at all of the meat dishes and decide which one works best for you tonight. The book also contains suggested menus, ingredient sources, and a handy measurement conversion chart.

Want to win a signed copy of this amazing cookbook? Of course you do! Leave a comment on this blog post by March 9th telling us your favorite thing to cook for a weekday meal. We’ll pick one winner at random to receive this awesome prize. If you aren’t lucky enough to win, you can buy your own copy online here.

See all of Leah’s recipes on MyJewishLearning here.

Looking for a Jewish Holiday cookbook? Try The Hadassah Jewish Holiday Cookbook: Traditional Recipes from Contemporary Kosher Kitchens by Joan Nathan.

Good luck, and happy cooking!

Posted on February 28, 2011

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222 thoughts on “Win a Gorgeous Jewish Cookbook!

  1. Robin

    My favorite thing to cook during the weekday is buffalo chicken tenders. I absolutely love them!!!!!

  2. Sandra AL-Rawi

    Have visted Israel and love the food. Am looking for a good Jewish cookbook to help recreate those wonderful meals.
    Favoit dish for Shaboth is Lemon chicken breast with asparagus toped with whipped eggs whites, mayo and lemon alond with pickled beets.

  3. Bonnie Friedman

    I’m new to Jewish cooking but I prepared an awesome Sweet & Sour Brisket for my husband (he’s Jewish, I’m not) I would love to win this cookbook so I can prepare more meals for him.

  4. Helen Karlton

    My favorite weekday dinners are Turkey Meatloaf and Salmon with Lemon Pepper and Dill.

  5. Judy B

    Since my retirement I’ve been studying Jewish Cooking. My favorite recipe is for brisket. I am collecting old jewish recipes. My research that shocked me the most is the influence of the Italian culture on many dishes.

    Unfortunately, my mom never wrote down her favorites. I don’t think the older generations wrote recipes they just
    made them.

  6. Sharon

    our favorite weeknight meal is chicken piccata- pounded slices of chiken breast, dusted with spiced flour and browned in olive oil . Adding lemon juice and capers to pan to deglaze and pouring over chicken. Served with rice or angelhair pasta, Yum!

  7. Che' Weber

    Favorite week day dish: fresh beef stew with corn, potatoes, green beans and carrots in a brown sauce well seasoned with onion, garlic, kosher salt, ground black pepper and plenty of good dry, red wine. Made up a day early and then crock potted to perfume the house on a cold/wet day. Serve with buttered hot, fresh-baked bread and the meal satisfies body & soul with a glass of good wine! Would LOVE this cook book… please :-)

  8. Ivette Fernandez

    My favorite things to cook on a daily bases is some king of bean/legume and brown rice or other grain because I am trying to go vegetarian since I had Cancer. I mix it up with different spices and styles so it’s not the same thing all the time. I would love to win a beautiful book on Jewish cooking since I have Spanish, Jewish heritage and my family kept it hidden. I know some things like kanishes, challa, brisket & cabbage, etc. I know I have Jewish family in Germany, Spain and Palestine. The newer generation never kept up with the older generation; so all that information is lost to me and my daughter.–I pretty saddened by it. Well, hopefully I can win this cookbook and teach myself more about the Jewish cooking.

  9. Sonia Sugarman

    My favorite thing to prepare and eat is a vegetarian souvlaki salad. I use romaine lettuce, small chunks of green and red peppers. black or green olives, cut-up tomatoes,thinly sliced sweet onions, and the best part is Israeli feta cheese. It is so much better than normal feta. Then I add a greek dressing. It always leaves me wanting more and more.

  10. Elaine

    My favorite meal to make weekly for dinner is Pineapple Teriyake Salmon over a bed of coconut flavored basmati rice. The salmon cooks in 7 minutes and the two teenagers love it. There are never leftovers with this recipe. I use coconut water to flavor the basmati rice. Delicious! By the way, my Hebrew name is Hadassah so the cookbook would be a welcome addition to my kitchen! Thanks!

  11. Lenore Laracuente

    I love a lowfat slow cooker meal on weekdays, especially this cold awful winter, and Hungry Girl Chunky Chix Chicken Soup is completely kosher as is if kosher chicken is used, yum! Unstuffed cabbage made with turkey instead of beef is another go to weeknight meal. Having a sauce or braising liquid makes it wise to make extra as it reheats so well.

  12. Desmid Lyon

    Eggs scrambled with zhug (paste of cilantro, hot peppers, garlic and olive oil), and red cabbage and Fuji apple steamed in Meyer lemon juice. Whole meal is ready in 10 minutes if you have zhug on hand.

  13. Rut

    Thank you for a wonderful selection of recipes and articles. I enjoy your creative and delightful sites and recipes and look forward to trying your pomegranate mandelbrot. My favorite weekday lunch is rice and blackbeans or humus, with makhbutah and tehina. And if we’re rich… a nice Israeli salad with hobos flatbread. Mazel tov on the new publication. We look forward to seeing it on our shelves.

  14. Ethel

    I love to serve homemade soups in the winter and salads in the summer. Living in New England, the winters are long, gray and cold and the aroma of soups simmering is so good! Also, I will always make a double (or triple) batch of soup so we have enough for several meals. We are very big on fresh vegetables so the soups can incorporate whatever vegies are in season at any particular time of the year and beans will add needed protein.

  15. Lisa

    My kids love bean burritos. So easy, I just saute some spinach and garlic, onions and peppers, a little salsa or enchilada sauce, corn and refired black beans (when I’m in a hurry I use canned when I have time I just mash em up myself) and top it off with a little plain yogurt! A little brown rice on the side or in the burrito. Very easy done in 30 min. Works well if you’re doing Weight Watchers too.

  16. Terry

    My favorite recipe to make, especially when entertaining is stuffed grape leaves. Easy to make, easy to transport to a pot luck & great to use as appetizer, side dish or in place of a salad.

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