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Here at MJL we are very proud of our frequent contributor and generally awesome friend Leah Koenig, whose cookbook, The Hadassah Everyday Cookbook: Daily Meals for the Contemporary Jewish Kitchen is coming out on March 8th. We have a copy here in the office, so I can say with authority that the book is drop-dead gorgeous. Filled with warm photos of scrumptious recipes, part of me just wants to read it, like a picture book for food porn lovers. But then it’s also full of fantastic recipes–recipes that are easy, relaxed, creative, and perfect for anyone who loves classy, interesting, and fun Jewish food. Paging through it, here are the top five recipes I will be making post haste:
Drunken Vegetable Chili
Orzo and Pinto Bean Salad
Ginger Sesame Baked Tempeh
Brownies with Pomegranate Whipped Cream
Raspberry Oatmeal Muffins

And there are so many fantastic options to choose from.

Other wonderful things about this cookbook: It’s hardcover, and lays flat, so consulting with it while you’re cooking doesn’t mean madly fumbling for pages

Did I mention the photography? I am seriously considering eating the book.

The layout and design are beautiful, simple, and easy to follow. Each recipe is also clearly marked as dairy, meat, or pareve for easy menu planning, and a section in the back collects all of each kind of recipe, so you can easily look at all of the meat dishes and decide which one works best for you tonight. The book also contains suggested menus, ingredient sources, and a handy measurement conversion chart.

Want to win a signed copy of this amazing cookbook? Of course you do! Leave a comment on this blog post by March 9th telling us your favorite thing to cook for a weekday meal. We’ll pick one winner at random to receive this awesome prize. If you aren’t lucky enough to win, you can buy your own copy online here.

See all of Leah’s recipes on MyJewishLearning here.

Looking for a Jewish Holiday cookbook? Try The Hadassah Jewish Holiday Cookbook: Traditional Recipes from Contemporary Kosher Kitchens by Joan Nathan.

Good luck, and happy cooking!

Posted on February 28, 2011

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222 thoughts on “Win a Gorgeous Jewish Cookbook!

  1. Shari Levy

    I like to make chicken as a weekday dish. I usually grill vegetables and potatoes as my side dishes for it.

  2. Laura

    We try to maintain variety in our menus , taking advantage of seasonal fruits and vegetables , and buying what is on sale that week . My husband and I both try to eat moderately because we are getting older ,and try to avoid excessive sweets and overly salty or processed foods ,eating fresh whenever possible .If we had to proclaim a favorite ,he says tacos made with fresh tortillas ,I say potatoes fried in olive oil with lots of onion and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

  3. Stephanie

    I make a roast chicken every week and I never get tired of it but my kids would love a little something different. I’ll bet this book has some great ideas for fixing chicken (and a few other things!) that would put smiles back on their faces!

  4. Barbara Kirch

    The book is beautiful! My challenge is making traditional dishes gluten free. I’ve had some success, but I could use any suggestions or recipes anyone is willing to offer.

    My family loves my Chicken with Lemon and Olive recipe. It’s easy, and I do it in the crock pot.

  5. Bobbi

    Favourite weekday meal? Lemon pepper chicken breasts with basmati rice that’s been prepared in tea instead of plain water! Grilled asparagus with tarragon finishes it beautifully.

  6. Anita Fischer

    My family’s favourite is Wiener Schnitzle. I use Japanese bread crumbs mixed with the regualar bread crumbs. When all the grand kids are in town it is a ” must”.
    And for dessert an apple strudel using greek phyllo dough.

  7. Marie H

    My favorite thing to make during the week is stuffed red peppers!! Love them! Easy, delish and always a winner!

  8. vickyd

    One of my family’s favorite weekday meals is cut chicken with a generous sprinkling of Onion Soup mix with potatoes. It is baked in the oven for about 40 minutes and what you get is simple goodness. Salty, crunchy, succulent chicken. My mouth waters just thinking about it. beautiful looking book. Good luck to all of us.

  9. Karen

    I enjoy a spinach salad with olives, red peppers,kidney or garbanzo beans,tomatoes,and avocado along with baked chicken wings or drumsticks and sweet potatoes.

  10. Nadine

    I absolutely love salads~~May it be a salad/meat~~ Making just about any dish with all the colors of the Rainbow. Red, yellow purple,green peppers, onions, celery, carrots,mushrooms, brocolli, corn.parsley,grape tomatoes, and all well seasoned. Yum, that’s what I’m talking about.

  11. Cindy

    Homemade minestrone with either homemade bread or bisquick bisquicks. There only two of us so there’s always enough left to serve one or two more meals with it.

  12. Pat Tucker

    We have roasted chicken thighs every week that our son makes with potatoes and garlic greenbeans. However, it’s time to do up dinner with another recipe, maybe the cookbook will intice him to do so, fingers crossed.

  13. Miriam

    my granddaughter and her fiance come for dinner every Tuesday and I am challenged tp have something different each week such as gr. turkey chili, veget. chili,brisket, all kinds of chicken. Soups–pea, butternut squash soup, sweet potato soup, and matzohball soup or some kind of tuna salad and mac and cheese with ice cream for dessert; and always brownies and cookies.

  14. angie

    I am an Italian, Catholic who married a Jewish Man, he died over 6 years and I loved cooking for him both Jewish and Italian meals. My late mother-in-law taught me lots of Jewish recipes and I lived learning the receipes. But now both she and my husband are gone and I really miss having them around to teach me. I loved her rugula and homemade egg noodles and I would be so happy and exciting if I could win this Book and would make me feel as if they were still around.

  15. Jan

    Our favorite is homemade chicken noodle or chicken rice soup. Takes about an hour and some type of homemade bread YUM

  16. Sandra

    I love the coq au vin from the Kosher website. I have made it so many times and it is wonderful. I always used my mother’s recipe which took hours but this one is super and takes very little time. Check it out on

  17. Ada

    I make Margarita Chicken with chicken breasts chili pdr. cayenne pepper,flour, extra thick salsa, tequilla, green pepper, diced onion, lime juice, parve margarine, oil and served with plain rice.

  18. Terry

    I have recently became Jewish and I want to find and learn new recipes and Jewish cuisine. I love to cook and bake. I bake something sweet every week. I own a catering business and want to introduce Jewish cuisine to others.

  19. Angie

    I have been reading this site for awhile now and am very interested in all that it is. I love soups they are filling and very good for you. Growing tired of the basic soups and would love to try somethng new. They are filling and satisfying. Would love to learn somethng new.

  20. Donna

    A good nourishing Jewish mother CHICKEN SOUP, what else do you need at this time of the year?! No need to wait for a holiday!!

  21. KataK

    Nothing to loose but a georgious book to win!
    The family loves my cholent with smoked breast of goose and hardboiled eggs. But we all love simple salads or baked potatoe with any roast meat.
    I’m very interested in this wonderful book!

  22. Rachmiel

    I love to make baked salmon steaks with spicey mayo sauce, baked potatoes and snow peas.

  23. Anita

    My best weekday meal is baked salomon fillet in the toaster oven. cover the broiler pan bottom with foil put about 1- 1 1/2 lb.of fish on pan. cover fish with salad dressing of choice (I use Lite Italian) sprinkle with dill and old bay seasoning cover with another piece of foil and bake at 400 for about 25 to 30 minutes. any left overs can be made into great salomon cakes.

  24. ana

    My favorite dish to make is meatloaf because I can add almost any vegetable to it that I have (carrots, celery, spinach, peppers, etc.) and I can mix it with ground turkey, or add sausage for more flavor. It taste better the next day and I use it to make my husband a sandwich for work. If there are leftovers it also freezes well.

  25. Betsy

    i make what we call mish mosh- saute onions and mushrooms, brown ground beef with seasoning to taste, like garlice powder etc., add in peas(if canned drain juice) and cut up olives (also drain juice)then mix with cooked pasta (could be spaghetti) and serve, you can mix with sauce or add after. depending on how much you make it can last for a few nights.

  26. Claudia

    Got hooked on Falafal in Afula, Israel and am still looking for recipe’s to make that wonderful smoked eggplant that was among the yummy sides offered.

  27. Harriet L

    My favorite evening meal is a hearty, meatloaf with a mustard glaze baked in a gravy of tomato puree and surround by rings of onions and nibbles of corn, and a glass of Carmel wine to complete the meal.

  28. Deborah

    I love to cook, but my favorite is chicken with whatever fresh vegis look good that day. I most often bread it & fry then bake it. And either my son or myself will make a different fresh bread to go with it. He has a real gift for baking.

  29. Ken Tibbetts

    I am a retired chemist and my wife is a retired school teacher. I do all the cooking, baking, etc. at our house. One of my favorite meals for a weekday meal is beef briskit. I got the recipe from my youngest daughter’s Jewish mother-in-law years ago. It so good that I rarely ever prepare it for my wife and me alone, always inviting at least one other couple to indugle in a fabulous meal. I think I’ll go to my favorite butcher right now and pick up a briskit.

  30. Yafa

    I have been using my well-worn The Great Haddassah Wizo Cookbook for the past 30 years and would love to receive your updated new version. The potato kugel recipe, whether during the week or on Shabbat is a big hit with my family, friends and neighbors.

  31. Sara A in SC

    We have fallen in love with this Asian Pasta salad… It has a dressing with lime juice, soy sauce, and sugar over spaghetti noodles… Then you can add red bell peppers, avocado, sesame seeds… meat (or not!)… It is so yummy, and depending on what you add, you cannot tell it is the same thing :)

  32. Dolores [Cohen] Collins

    Last summer I had a flood in my home and lost all my cookbooks thus missing some great Jewish recipes. My favorite is to put a chicken surrounded by carrots, onions, and potatoes in the oven to roast. It’s easy and complete but need more of the great Jewish specialties that I am now missing. The only recipe I have left is for sweet and sour cabbage soup. I had given the recipe to my daughter-in-law so I was able to get it back from her. I’m thankful for that.

  33. Lila Selter

    I love to get my family together during the week we are all very busy. I know my family loves anything that has fresh lemon. So I came up with this recipe. I call it lemon potatoes.
    I boil some red potatoes that were cut in half and add some salt to the water. Drain the potatoes. while the potatoes are draining I take one stick of butter and melt it. I squeeze 2-3 fresh lemons in the melted butter. I add about 3 tablespoons of fresh chopped parsley. I put the potatoes in a bowl and mix the butter mixture to the potatoes. Add salt and pepper to taste.I usually serve this with fish. I also serve this with broiled chicken and in that case I use parve magazine.Enjoy.

  34. Marcia Minsky

    What I love to make is something called “Country Captain”. It’s a chicken curry, and is so easy to make.

    Sometimes when I make it, the kids ask “who’s coming for dinner?” that’s how good it is.

  35. iris

    I am a lover of cooking and I like to cook something new every day. Since I subscribed to the My Jewish Learning page for the purpose of learning their culture, I learned that Jewish food is very healthy and it also has meaning. At my parties, I always include Hummus and Tahini in my kitchen .. I love Challah bread too. Thanks to My Jewish Learning

  36. Aimee Ginsberg

    I live in area that there is not a big Jewish population and finding things in the stores is difficult so to keep my roots alive I cook quite a few recipes of my Grandmothers’ (I’m half Sephardic and half Ashkenazic)but I am always looking for more Jewish recipes from all over the world. I find it fascinating how we are so very different but at the same time so very much the same.

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