What Black Jews Really Think of Black Jews

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“Maybe Y-Love and Shyne could team up with Matisyahu and do a protest against crappy Jewish music.”

It’s been over a week since the New York Times profile on Shyne becoming an Orthodox Jew was published, and it’s still in the site’s Most-Emailed Articles section. Now Frum Satire has taken to the streets of Brooklyn to interview actual black Orthodox Jews to see whether they think Shyne’s devotion is legit. (Note: Actual black Orthodox Jews not included.) I don’t know if there are too many in-jokes in the video to post here, but it’s too damn funny not to.

Also, this video of Shyne in yeshiva has been around forever, but I think it hasn’t gotten circulated because it was just too surreal for words. But this video is Frum Satire at his best — doing little more than repeating the kooky and irrational things that Orthodox Jews say, and showing us just how kooky and irrational it is.

Posted on November 16, 2010

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2 thoughts on “What Black Jews Really Think of Black Jews

  1. Matthue Roth Post author

    99% completely agree. The best videos in this genre are about subjects where you NEED to be somewhat disconnected. This is a video of gangsta-looking black-people avatars talking in digitized “white” voices, written by an (sorry Heshy) obviously white person…the lack of authenticity in every direction, down to pronouncing “baal teshuva” as “balth yoova,” is what makes it so *real*.

    And the only thing that kills comedy more than timing is overanalyzing it. Take THAT, funniness. :)

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