Webby Awards Are Also Dominated By Jews

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There are awards for everything these days. Just yesterday, I was nominated for Best Guy Who Lives in my Apartment (I’m up against my roommate. He’ll probably win).


But these Webby Awards seem to be legit. They are even having their own awards ceremony on June 8th, hosted by SNL’s Seth Meyers.

Even with the ceremony a month away, they have actually already announced the winners. And our girl Sarah Silverman did pretty well for herself. She won the Best Actress Award as well as the Best Political Video, for the Great Schlep. So congratulations Sarah. And please, just marry me already.

Sadly, Mixed Multitudes did not get nominated in the Best Religion/Spirituality website category. But everyone’s favorite Jewish teen source, JVibe, did! It didn’t win but a great accomplishment no less!

Posted on May 5, 2009

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2 thoughts on “Webby Awards Are Also Dominated By Jews

  1. Daniel Septimus

    Well, actually we forgot to nominate ourselves and pay the nomination fee. I do think the Webbys recognize some good stuff (and frankly we’d love to win one), but for the cynical view, here’s Gawker’s take:

    “the number of categories of awards has exploded since the Webbys’ near-death experience. By charging as much as $275 per entry across 129 categories, the Webbys can milk the Internet’s lust for self-promotion.

    And what’s obvious from the winners is that the people who are still hungry for the ever-meaningless recognition of a Webby award are the big-media players with marketing budgets to spend, and restless corporate overlords demanding some concrete proof that the websites they’ve funded are any good. Far easier to show off an award than to hit one’s quarterly numbers. The Webbys seem to have no problem making theirs.”


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