Top Chef Goes Kosher

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Anyone who keeps kosher and watches Top Chef knows that a kosher challenge would be epic. Imagine all of the chefs running around trying to make great food and then a Mashgiach comes over to tell them that the margarine they used in one of their recipes was actually dairy and would have to be thrown away. Again, it would be epic.

So while the show has yet to have a kosher challenge (one can always dream), Spike Mendelsohn, two time Top Chef contestant, and Heeb 100 member, is doing a kosher challenge by himself. In late April (post-Passover, I presume) Spike will be opening a KOSHER FOOD TRUCK (!!!!) in Washington D.C. Named “Sixth & Rye,” the truck is going to serve deli food every Friday afternoon outside of the cool and happening Sixth & I Synagogue.

Spike isn’t the first Top Chef contestant to venture into the kosher food world. Hung Huynh, the winner of Season 3, served as the chef at Solo in New York, one of the top restaurants in the city. After he left, he was replaced by another Top Chef contestant (and Jew) Eli Kershtein.

But a kosher food truck? Not only that, but a kosher food truck that serves deli? And you get a chance to meet Spike, the awesomest of all Top Chef contestants ever? Dude, for the first time ever, I’m jealous of Washington D.C.

(Shout out to Chill who DEMANDED that I give her credit for this find. I will not be bullied in the future.)

Posted on March 3, 2011

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3 thoughts on “Top Chef Goes Kosher

  1. Chill

    Excellent posting Mr. Moses. Thank you for keeping the Jews of Washington DC informed. I would like to establish myself as a huge fan of the My Jewish Learning establishment and associated bloggers.

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  3. Rabbi Jason Miller

    “Top Chef” might not have gone kosher yet, but here in Detroit, Michigan, the Jewish Theological Seminary will be hosting its annual gala event on June 1 with a “Top Rabbinic Chef” competition featuring six local rabbis who were ordained at the Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS). Check out the promo video on YouTube at

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