This Week in “Are They Jewish?”

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This week’s contestant is the star of Fox’s new show Glee, Lea Michele. I’ve talked about Glee in the past and last night it finally debuted.

Michele, in my opinion, stole the show, as well as my heart. The writing on the show leaves something to be desired but the music is incredible. And not enough credit can go to Michele, the former star in Broadway’s Spring Awakening. Needless to say, for me, it was love at first sight.

But is she Jewish?
Reading up on Michele, I learned that her real name is Lea Michele Sarfati. Bingo! First big clue. Lea Sarfati is a majorly Jewish name. So far so good…I’m making the wedding invitations now…

But I need more than that. After doing a little more researching, I have hit a major wall. interviewed some Broadway stars about their Christmas traditions. One of the interviews? Lea Michele. Her answer:

“On Christmas morning, I go over to my aunt’s house, where there are 20 cousins. There’s so much wrapping paper that you can’t even find the children.”

There is no mention of Chinese food. This is bad.

Conclusions: I’m going to with half-Jew. You can’t get away from the last name. But you also can’t ignore the Christmas traditions. The real questions are…what does she consider herself? Did her mom convert? Anything?

I think this video explains my feelings on her. All are genuine.

Posted on May 20, 2009

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8 thoughts on “This Week in “Are They Jewish?”

  1. I recognize this guy. Is this Doc from back to the future? This video is the reason why old people should not learn new technology.

  2. Tamara

    She may have the Jew nose down, but as far as I and the Torah are concerned there is no such thing as “half jewish”. Her mother is a Catholic. Enough said. If she’s celebrating Christmas, there is clearly something missing in her “Jewish” household.
    I have immense respect for her talent but she is not part of the tribe. And shame on her father.

  3. Rose

    Why shame on her father? Half Jews don’t qualify for a Jew Card? You should be ashamed of yourself, they should take your card away! Since when don’t we live in the year 2010, where family diversity is always increasing and changing! Who do you think you are to say enough said her mom is Catholic, you are part of the problem lady!

  4. Vera

    To Rose- child of a non- Jewish mother is not a Jew according to Jewish tradition. Any Jewish authority will tell you this, not just Tamara.
    The only way for her to become Jewish is to convert.

  5. Dan

    To Vera – Any right-minded modern Jew will tell you that the only Jewish authority you need is rationality, wisdom and love. The matrilineal tradition is founded in not being able to know for sure who the father is. Since that is no longer a problem, that tradition is no longer needed. Whether or not this actress is a Jew is her call, not yours and not any “Jewish authority’s.”

  6. Sunshine

    It’s the same in Christianity, too. The child, by tradition, follows the mother’s religion regardless of what the father’s religion is. Of course, this tradition is old and most don’t use it when it comes to christening their child unless one of them is more religious as the other. My sister’s kids follow their father’s religion as my sister isn’t much of a church goer. So there you have it.

  7. Alexandria

    My dad is Presbyterian and my mom is Jewish- reform. I grew up Going to Hebrew and Sunday school
    I was also bat mitsvahed! But I do celebrate Christmas with my dads family for the tradition but not actually going to there services or anything. Also in reform judaism you don’t need to have a Jewish mom to be considered jewish you can have just a Jewish dad I know plenty of people like that

  8. Emily

    She is a Jew! My dad is Roman Catholic and my mom is Jewish and i was raised both. We celebrate the holidays, we just don’t go to the services. People tell me all the time that i can’t be both and i simply respond with “how dare you tell em what i can and can’t be!”. I don’t think its anyones place to say what you can and can’t be. Its the dawn of a new day, get used to it!

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